Apex legends matchmaking not starting

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Apex Legends got its brand new season 5 PvE event on Tuesday The event that was supposed to kick off the new seasonlong quest is being hampered by server outages that appear to be keeping players from starting the event.

The mission lives in a separate matchmaking queue that players can select and then match into. The developer tweeted an acknowledgment of the connection problems almost an hour after the mission launched, and said that it was looking into possible fixes.

Heads up, Legends: We are aware of and investigating connectivity issues impacting Apex across all platforms. We will continue to update you here as we have more information. Thankfully, there will be plenty of time to get this mission done before the next one unlocks. The next mission will go live next Tuesday, May Vox Media has affiliate partnerships.

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Movies TV Comics. Star Wars Marvel. Animal Crossing Doom Eternal Destiny 2. God of War Persona 5 Breath of the Wild. Apex Legends servers are down after launch of new PvE event New, 3 comments.Apex Legends creative director Chad Grenier says working to make everyone happy with regards to skill-based matchmaking SBMM is "tricky," but says Respawn will continue to make changes based on player feedback.

We're trying to evaluate all of the data and trying to do what's best for the game as a whole. It's really tough because you've got some beginner players or mediocre players, middle of the road, and you want them to have a good experience," Grenier replied. Speaking from personal experience, it is a tad discouraging for new players just starting out to be immediately stomped and then spawn killed until all hope is lost.

apex legends matchmaking not starting

It's there that Grenier seems keen on making some updates that pit more skilled players against each other while giving beginners a more rewarding experience while they advance. Of course, not everyone's in favor of SBMM and Grenier knows that well, talking of the difficulties of making the game more approachable to newcomers while "still making all those competitive players happy. Did you hear Apex Legends is coming to Switch later this year? New York adds four new states to quarantine requirement list.

Apex Legends director on skill-based matchmaking: "We'll continue to tweak, iterate, listen". Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

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Apex Legends Starting Server Error Is Causing Problems For Some Players

Please give an overall site rating:. Privacy Statement.SBMM is the process of bringing players of similar skill together for a match and it does not belong in a BR game. Do these players who wish for SBMM not understand that it is the complete antithesis to the battle royale genre?

Do ye of low skill not realize you need to learn from your betters, not hide from them? For a battle royale game, though, this completely contradicts the point of playing. Or maybe not… maybe the less-skilled players find a way to scrap a victory out. Finally, SBMM hinders development. Eh, I see it both ways.

apex legends matchmaking not starting

Yeah it's kind of counter-intuitive to the idea of a battle royale, but for quality of gameplay it definitely makes a difference. New players won't stick around and give the game a chance if they drop and die instantly every single game.

Games always need a constant stream of new players in order to keep the game alive. Honestly, experienced players probably enjoy pubstomping as much as they would enjoy competitive gameplay. Plenty of games have both ranked and casual game modes, there's no reason why a battle royale couldn't do the same. Casual would allow all skill levels to play together while ranked would allow newer players to not get stomped and would give experienced players a chance to prove how good they are.

That said I'm mostly impartial to this issue. I see both sides of the equation and even if it's something that most people think Apex should implement, I don't think it's something they need to do anytime soon. The game is still new enough and fresh enough that the issues ranked gameplay would solve really aren't big issues yet. Great post btw. Sbmm would definitely ruin the game. For one, Who wants wait times cuz a particular lobby just hasnt been filled? Or end up filling with players over or under their skill class?

apex legends matchmaking not starting

Its okay to carry or be carried through a game. Party up if youre trying to avoid that Many BR victories can come from skill but often come with a lot of luck.February I've recently installed Apex Legends and i've wanted to test it but as soon as i try to start the game, the window with Apex Legends loading and Easy Anti Cheat As seen below in the image i tagged.

But a bit after it disappears i get instantly redirected to Origins Launcher. What do i do? I have the exact same problem. Tried reinstalling Origin and repairing Apex Legends. Nothing seems to work. My roommate has had no problems so far with launching the game though and we both run pretty high end GPUs.

I can't get it to start either, but I don't recommend anyone do this. It will affect other programs that need that library. I either get stuck at "Starting server" and "Matchmaking This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register.

See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

Do you mean. Zombies Heroes Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other Plants vs. Zombies Games Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs.If you wanted to start your weekend Apex Legends grind half a day early, you may run into the dreaded infinite loading screen. If you are stuck on the matchmaking screen or have a never-ending loading screen, it probably means you have server problems with Apex Legends.

Could you guys fix the infinite loading screen problems please. I really want to play your game.

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I've tried all the ways I could imagine but none of them work. Looking forward to your response and thanks a lot. Anyone else having connection issues to PlayApex?

I hired a Pro Apex Legends Coach on Fiverr and pretended to be a Beginner Bangalore/Wraith

Can't even get out of the lobby just stuck in the matchmaking then starting server then matchmaking. Right now, there is no timeframe for when the game will be back in full operation. It is unlikely the game will have server issues through the weekend, however. Respawn Entertainment has been quick to fix issues with Apex Legends since the game first launched last week.

Related: Apex Legends players experiencing crashes on Xbox One following latest update. A few days ago, Xbox One players had difficulties using the legends Caustic or Mirage after unlocking them. Yesterday, Respawn fixed the issue that Xbox One players were experiencing.

For now, though, you will have to wait for a fix from the developers to get past the infinite loading screens on Apex Legends.

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Skip to content. Image via Respawn Entertainment. Older Posts.One of the newest additions to the battle royale genre, Apex Legends was released without much fanfare or announcement in early A game with such a large user base — over 50 million in its prime — is bound to have difficulties running properly on so many different systems.

That was a joke, of course. What you need for this fix is to change how the game perceives the user that is running it. This method has fallen into disuse over the years as compatibility issues have become less frequent, but older users will recognize this as basic first aid when an application is acting up.

The process is simple.

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Search for Apex Legends in your Windows search bar. When you select it, you will see a few options in the panel. Log in to the Origin client and look for Apex Legends in your library. In this menu, click on Repair. If you continue to have issues, however, try a reinstall. You can use the very same menu to uninstall the game, but to make sure it uninstalls fully, use the Apps and Features panel in your Windows Settings. Trying to update the game almost goes without saying, and it can be done from the Origin game library in seconds.

The game should update automatically anyway, so this is unlikely to be the problem. More importantly, you should update your hardware drivers. You can update drivers to all your adapters and peripherals from the Windows device manager, but this will take a long time to do individually.

An easy way to check for any updates available is free software called Driver Easy. Download Driver Easy and follow a few simple on-screen instructions to check for any newer drivers or firmware for your computer.

Some security applications have been reported to interfere with Apex Legends. Sophos Home, in particular, has been known to cause issues with Apex. There is some speculation that the security programs might be interfering with Easy Anti-Cheat, a near-ubiquitous piece of software in multiplayer games that prevents cheating.

This may sound like a bit of a Hail Mary, but it seems to do the trick for some users.

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Here you will see a drop-down menu. Scroll down and select Polish. Save your settings, cross your fingers, and launch the game. If it works, you can change it back to English.

So there you have it — a slew of options to repair your game and get back into the fight.As Respawn Entertainment's title soars up the gaming charts, players have noticed an annoying problem when they drop into battle.

Unfortunately, playing with random teammates can lead to some selfish gameplay. As players and their squad head into the battlefield and scramble for weapons, it usually involves one person hoarding everything they can find while their teammates are left with lame options and limited ammo.

Rory's video shows him shouting "where's the guns? Another reveals that this happened to them and they were left with a pistol, only to be killed less than a minute later. Someone also suggested, "Apex squadmates - open your own containers and death crates.

Or at least have the courtesy to wait until I'm done before browsing. As a lot of commenters have pointed out, there's no need for one player to have all the weapons and ammo, because ultimately, it would be virtually impossible to use it all. Others say there's nothing worse than being left with the lackluster Mozambique shotgun.

Is Apex Legends down?

Ultimately, it's a relatively small quibble that Respawn can't do much about. While playing with friends should make it easier to stop weapon hogging, fans are at the mercy of who they're paired with when it comes to sharing fairly. Here's hoping everyone learns how to get along and that some of the more selfish players change their weapon hoarding ways.

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