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Gallery - Latest Photos. Heron and Cormorant Hanging by Flicker the Halfling. Lakescape - by aloktewari. House wren by knnthdhrvy.

Carolina Wren by Danielbirdwatcher. Crested Serpent Eagle - immature by aloktewari. Great White Pelican - flight by aloktewari. Forums - Recent Threads. Last post by opisska Today Last post by jgraider Today Latest Reviews. Today's Birthdays.All three have field guide related information, but the BirdsEye app also allows users to see what birds have been recently sighted in specific locations and has an inventory of birding hotspots as well. Here are some of the highlights of each app:.

Search by length, weight and wingspan has revealed things about birds I was never aware of like being able to find the birds that have the widest wingspan or longest length.

best bird forums

Also, thank you for letting me now sort the families by alphabetic as the taxonomic search really was confusing to me. But my favorite feature is almost an afterthought - share to hear a bird sing and see its species page.


I'm using that feature to teach my daughter how to identify birds by their song and its just really fun. View iBird Pro Guide for Android. Several reviewers have said they like it even better than having their field guide book, especially that you can instantly listen to songs in addition to viewing identification details.

It does not have photos of the birds, but has Peterson drawings instead which I think is always better for bird identification.

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For those of you who prefer photos of birds for identification over drawings which we personally do notyou may like the Audubon app better than the Peterson, National Geographic or Sibley apps which do not have photos, but drawings.

If you type in the word 'gull', it instantly tells you your search matches 27 birds, If you press the 'Birds' button it will take you to where you can scroll through all 27 gulls. You can also add things like color, size and range in the search to narrow the results.

It's also priced relatively cheap. The search function seems to one of the highlights of this birding app, though we think Peterson's app is better at the same price because of added functionality and features. This narrows the range of possibilities and, combined with the beautiful and detailed bird photos, allows for rapid identification. It also gives you the locations of nearby hotspots that are open to the public and tells you what birds have been spotted there recently.

While other bird field guides for the iPhone are certainly useful, this one is unique and deserves consideration by any serious birder. We think this would be a good app to have in addition to one of the other birding apps on this page which are more for identification purposes. BirdsEye would be especially useful when you are traveling and want to see new species in locations you aren't as familiar as your home town. View BirdsEye. Bird Codes is a simple birding app to help you learn the four-letter bird codes, aka alpha codes or banding codes.

You'll also now know what other birders are talking about in forums, blogs, bird alerts, birding email lists, etc. On a side note, for those banders or ringers out there, there is a free Band Codes app that in addition to the 4-letter banding codes also provides band size as a back-up, double-check.

It also gives notes when banding certain species. This one is free, but does not have all the AOU species as mentioned above. View Bird Codes. Whether you are a beginner bird watcher or an expert ornithologist, any of these six birding apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device would be a great addition to your birding knowledgebase that is extremely portable.

All six, we believe, are bargain prices for the amount and quality of information you receive about birds for your mobile device.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Raffles Active raffles Closed raffles. Log in Register. What's new Search Search. Search titles only.

best bird forums

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Members that volunteer to make signatures for others do it because they are great fellow neighbors. Threads Messages Sunday at AM Kiwi's Mom. Main Street For People Topics :. Welcome Lane Introduce yourself! We're excited to have you with us.Choosing the best pet bird for your lifestyle can be difficult. And it gets even tougher if you have a busy schedule that doesn't allow you to spend hours with your bird each day.

Birds are social flock animals, and many pet bird species need near-constant companionship from their caretakers. But some species are slightly more independent or are happy with the company of other birds, allowing their caretaker to spend more time away. Here are eight birds for people with busy lives. Every pet bird requires some daily attention feeding, cleaning, play from its caretaker.

Be positive you have the time to meet a bird's needs before acquiring one. Even busy bird lovers can care for a flock of finches. Finches are generally hands-off pets and don't need much human interaction. They do well in small flocks of three to five birds, as long as you provide them with a roomy flight cage.

To meet your finches' needs, you must be able to dedicate time each day to providing fresh food and water, cleaning anything that's dirty, and making sure everyone is happy and healthy. Physical Characteristics: Black and white throat bars, orange cheek patches, and red-orange beak male zebra finch ; gray coloration throughout the body and less vivid beak female zebra finch.

Like other members of the finch family, many canaries would rather keep to themselves than be handled by a person. In fact, canaries are relatively solitary and do fine when housed alone or in bonded pairs. Don't house two male canaries together, as they tend to fight. These birds need a roomy cage in which they can fly for exercise, along with some toys for entertainment. Physical Characteristics: Feathers of bright yellow most commonred, orange, or white; some varieties have head crests or frilly feathers.

If you're looking for a bird that can entertain itself but also enjoys spending time with people, consider a dove. Quiet and gentle, doves need at least a few hours of out-of-cage play and socialization each day. But otherwise, they tend to be happy hanging out in their cage, as long as it is large enough to allow them to get some exercise. Physical Characteristics: Plumage of dull grays and browns; black collar around nape of neck; black eyes and beak; mutations include white, orange, and pied ring-necked dove.

Budgies or parakeets are tiny parrots that offer all the personality of their larger counterparts. While their small size means less of a mess to clean, they do require ample play and socialization.BirdForum - The net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds. Today's Posts. Remember Me? Go to Page Click here to go to the home page and find out more. Click here to join. Welcome to BirdForum. BirdForum is the net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding, and is absolutely FREE!

You are most welcome to register for an account, which allows you to take part in lively discussions in the forum, post your pictures in the gallery and more.

best bird forums

Anyone own a Harpia 95??? Sunday 12th April Fuzzy prism. Tuesday 11th February Just bought a TS, need Today Scope I. Yesterday Orion mm Pro Lanthanum Friday 24th January Razor HD Wow.

Saturday 29th February Meopta S2 82 HD performance. Wednesday 25th March Monday 2nd March What I've learned about QR Monday 13th April Last Updated: March 28, Bird watching or birding requires top-notch binoculars for best results. Given these disparate conditions, you need binoculars designed for the task. The ability to better identify different types of birds means that birding binoculars are highly recommended. The best binoculars for birding offer optimal image clarity, field of view, close focus, and solid build quality without being too heavy.

Other advantages of using binoculars when birding include ease of use and their overall portability. While the price tag may put the Carl Zeiss Victory HT beyond the reach of cost-conscious birders, those who are willing to pay more will be rewarded. Produced by one of the leading names in optic design, these binoculars feature high-transmission lenses that provide nice, bright images. Enhanced T-coatings eliminate glare and offer superior resolution. The Victory HT has a striking appearance thanks to its compact, ergonomic design.

The lens barrels offer excellent grip, which makes them easier to use.

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A double-link magnesium bridge ensures that this product is durable but also lightweight. Yet another plus is the 5-year no-fault policy and a lifetime limited warranty. The HD glass provides excellent resolution and color, and the body was designed to take a beating. Waterproof and fog proof, the O-ring effectively prevents moisture and general dust and debris from breaching the seal. The softshell case was a bit of a concern, but turned out to be a blessing while walking about in the field.

Plus, you get peace of mind from the unconditional lifetime warranty. We think that this, along with their customer service, should erase any doubts you may have about this product. First of all, the ED glass offers an incredible spectrum of color with total clarity.

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We also like the durability of its waterproof and fog proof construction. Advertised as being as light as a feather and durable as a tank, the Wingspan Optics SkyView aims to please all. With the product weighing in at 1. At this price, there must be a disadvantage or two to consider, right?

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However, quality is not compromised, in our opinion. One of the main selling points of these binoculars for birding is color clarity. Thanks to multi-coated lenses with phase correction, you can better distinguish specific colors on birds, which leads to quicker and easier identification.

They also offer impressive range of up to 1, yards, which should be more than enough for most bird spotters! One source of comfort when buying a pair of binoculars for birding is durability.

On the downside, the optics are not as good as leading products on the market. The full 10x magnification and 50mm lens provides clear viewing even in low light conditions. This particular pair of binoculars is easy to use with adjustable eyecups and a matte finish that helps to provide a good, comfortable grip. In fact, the rubber exterior provides some shock-resistance in the event of it being dropped.

Buying guide for best bird field guides

Included accessories make this product even better value.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. After all, there are hundreds of species of birds inhabiting North America. The nature section of most bookstores is full of bird guides, so how do you know which one is the best for your needs? The first question to ask yourself is who the field guide is for.

Best Bird Cage

There are two basic styles of field guides: those with illustrations think of the classic bird illustrations by John Audubon and those with photos. Some guides have both illustrations and photos, giving you the best of both worlds. There are several ways bird guides can be organized. Other guides divide bird species into broad categories, such as birds of prey, seabirds, wading birds, perching birds, and swimming birds.

This is a handy format for birders with a bit of experience. Finally, experienced birders generally prefer guides that divide species by families, such as owls, warblers, jays and crows, thrushes and thrashers, and swallows and larks. A field guide to an entire continent will contain hundreds — perhaps thousands — of bird species, making such guides large and a bit intimidating to the beginning birder. Most often, bird-watchers buy field guides covering a limited area, although that area might still be fairly large.

In North America, the most common areas are the western and eastern halves of the continent. If you want to get even more specific, there are birding guides for every state, and many that cover a specific region of the country, such as the Southwest or the Northeast.

Avian Avenue Parrot Forum

You may well want to own both types of guides. Most field guides contain more than just the entries for each bird species. Depending on the guide, you might find discussions of bird anatomy, tips on identifying birds, and broad information on birds in general, such as life cycle and reproduction. Some field guides also include tabs or a bird-shape glossary to help identify various species and make the book easier to use.

There are thousands of bird field guides available, with many centered on certain geographical regions. We focused on North American guides; however, many birders will want to expand their horizons or focus in on their state, or even more locally. We love the Birds of Wisconsin field guide for its handy pocket size that makes it easy to take out with you — yet it's still packed with information that's easy to find and understand.

Make your yard attractive to birds. Bring bird-watching into your own backyard by hanging a bird feeder stocked with seed and setting up a birdbath. Both should be in a spot open enough for birds to easily see while flying overhead but also near trees or bushes where birds can hide from predators. Be quiet and still.

best bird forums


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